Apps & Extensions

I created free apps that give you the FREEDOM to do whatever the fuck you want on the internet! It’s your time and your money. Stop being tracked and served links or content you don’t care about. The choice is yours now, you only have to “claim” it. I make these in my free time so don’t expect everything to be perfect. Have fun!

Newify Tabs

The default “new tab” of your browser is slowing you down every single day… Facebook, Youtube and tons of other sites do the same. With Newify Tabs not only you can choose what to have on that tab for quick access, but you can control what the homepage of any website on the world does… it gives you quick shortcuts for everything, while removing bullshit you don’t need, therefore saving you a lot of money, time etc.

That alone would be enough, but you can do so much more, like changing colors, the background, opening multiple links at once, redirecting sites etc. Say yes to freedom and being in control!


Newify Web Editor

What if you could directly edit… THE INTERNET? I mean no bullshit stuff… really editing Facebook, Youtube, whatever website you’re using… You don’t like their buttons? BAM, removed or redesigned… Want blue to turn into red… easy.

It’s currently for people that know at least CSS (can be learned in a week) and JavaScript, BUT I’m planning to make it available for people that don’t know how to code by giving you “templates” with codes made by someone that knows how. All you’ll have to do is to click “import” then choose the template… and BAM! The site’s changed. It’s gonna take some time until we get there tho.


How to install the extensions

It’s pretty easy actually… it would’ve been easier to use the chrome web store, but I don’t want you to be tracked, so let’s do this instead. Keep in mind that Google tries to stop extensions that are not from their store… obviously… so if you get any warnings about not being safe, IGNORE THEM, it’s all bullshit.

  1. Download the extension from this page (NEVER from other sources)
  2. Go to your extensions page in your browser. You can see it in the menu or by going to chrome://extensions if you use chromium browsers (it should look similar to the image bellow)
  3. ┬áTurn on “Developer Mode” if it isn’t already (see the image bellow)
  4. Drag and drop the zip file from your computer into the extensions page (target the center, but you can drop it almost everywhere on the page)
  5. You should see the extension now, turn it on (like in the image). If it works, congrats! Scream “FREEDOM!!!!!!” and do your thing lol
  6. If the extension doesn’t want to turn on, it’s probably cuz you use Chrome… burn that shit and get Brave :)) Well, you should, but I won’t force you, so if you still wanna use chrome and can’t get rid of the warning that won’d let you turn on the extension, then unzip the zip file and click on “Load unpacked” then select the folder you just got by unzipping the file. Make sure to keep the folder in the same place so that the extension will work. You can move the folder anywhere you want and then click “Load unpacked”… it’s much better if you ask me.

Say YES to freedom!!! If you need help, wanna donate to support the movement or wanna talk, email me at or dm me on Facebook